Sunday, February 28, 2010

At least they look into the (almost) opposite direction !

I took this photograph in MGF mall on MG Road in Gurgaon. Fyi the 'MG' in the names stand for Mahatma Gandhi.

I learned that Hitlers Mein Kampf has extremely good sales in India. At first sight however, the pile of Gandhi books lets you think that Gandhi's book sold at least 1 copy more... Until you really start counting.

Interestingly on the cover, Hitler firmly is looking to the right, while Gandhi seems to doubt if he has to look to the left or to the center. Anyway, it's clear that he doesn't look in Hitler's direction.

For an interesting article about the two letters Gandhi wrote to Hitler before Worldwar II really got launched, I refer to Koenraad Elst.

India nowadays is the home for Gandhi-worshippers as well as Gandhi-haters. The former idealise him as "Father of the Nation", which became his political correct and official name. Nevertheless according to the latter, Gandhi stands for the undecisiveness, lack of Realpolitik and lack of efficiency of Hindu culture confronted with globalisation.

What most Indians might not know is that at least in Belgium, but probably this applies to the whole of West-Europe, you may have and read Mein Kampf but publishing it, going to public places to give the book away for free or sell it, will without doubt get you in contact with Justice. In other words: 'Mein Kampf' is a forbidden book.