Saturday, February 6, 2010

That is what we in Belgium call: "Nearshore Outsourcing of our Social Security"

I came across this small article in the Times of India on Sunday 7 January 2010.
The problem of shortage of cells and prisons is already existing for 20 years in Belgium. The problem could never been solved, partly due to the very complicated communautarian political organisation.
Of course, one cannot deny that "nearshore outsourcing" is a very creative solution for this problem.
As a Belgian I'm so happy to read that the Dutch were so extremely friendly to offer this service to us "at cost".

I have some other tips for Belgium where outsourcing could solve the problem. What about:

- nearshore outsourcing to Germany of the few production jobs in the private sector that are still there in Belgium? The advantage would be that then we could collectively cancel all productive jobs, turn 100% into a service economy and become easily the greenest, ecological savvy country in the world;

- a bit-further-nearshore outsourcing of our Belgian pension obligation. What would you think of a "sell and lease back" operation for the whole of the ageing problem? To be able to make some profit in this operation, I think this type of oursourcing should be done in Poland. I'm quite sure they can handle Pension obligations cheaper than we can do in Belgium;

- a third proposal is: Why not "offshore outsource" our complete unemployment service system. I'm sure any member of the BRIC countries can make us an appealing offer for that !;

- then ... now that we begin to see the advantages of outsourcing more clearly: We could outsource the Governments and Administrations of the French speaking part. It's costing us too much money now and I don't have any doubt that Sarkozy can do it cheaper.

- and last but not least: Why couldn't we outsource our King and his family ?
If The Netherlands agree to take our inmates, then why would the UK have objections to host our Royal family. If I recall right ... they're related anyway. So ... in fact they should take them for free !