Friday, March 6, 2009

Financial crisis

Well, I feel after the previous post, I should now give some ammunition to my fellow-Indian residents.

My wife and I have got a new salary account with ICICI bank.
So previous week we went to the ATM hoping to withdraw some money, but in one or another way we did not succeed in using our bankcard.
Now, believe me or not, but we are doing this already 20 years in Belgium, so our spontaneous reaction was to curse the Indian ATM's that "were broken once again, probably due to the lack in stable electricity provision".
Our temper became bad.

So, this afternoon, after we visited a friend in Delhi, we decided to go to the ICICI bankoffice nearby our office once again.
Like often happens in India, just showing our blank faces was enough to get attention and immediately a bankemployee came with us to "show us how to use the ATM". There were of course 68 waiting Indians before us, but we learned to accept these situations. After all, a white man coming in a bank is only seen as a "walking wallet".

Well, we went to the ATM and inserted our bankcard, sure as we were about ourselves.
The bankguy frowned and said "Nono, Sir, you have to flip your card when inserting it, just like it is shown on that picture here ..."

Now that I think about it, I even didn't dare to have a good look at his face, because I felt so stupid.

I am quite sure that this guy will tell the story to his wife this evening with the words: "Those white babu's don't understand anything" ...

I included some photographs taken on a local market, in the neighbourhood of our office and at a marriage of one of our employees.