Friday, April 3, 2009

The Ivory Tower

The following can be observed very often when one resides in India and talks with employees here:
- Indian employees having to take care of their family members;
- Indian employees having to move 2000km to get a job which is payed 200$;
- Indian employees having a family back home and only be able to visit them every 3 months;
- Indian employees being pressurized by all means and from all sides;
- Indian employees lacking all support from their State;
- Indian employees having fear: of loosing their jobs, of not fullfilling their many duties, of being impolite, of causing problems, of doing something wrong towards their bosses;

The psychology of enormous stress this results in is impossible to understand by Westerners. It's easy talking when you are sitting on your Ivory Tower and only have to judge ... because you know that you are safe up there.
The only thing you have to do is to work your 8 hours while knowing that Law supports your situation, income, illness, family ...
Easy to become a "professional" then ...
We really are arrogant bastards at times!

From my experiences here in India I can notice the enormous motivation of Indian employees and I really belief that India will work his way out of its situation. I see a very dynamic country with a great culture. I also observe Indians struggling to combine new influences with tradition. And they are doing it in their own way ... as it should be.

Have confidence in your work. The progress being made in your society is as quick and professional as can be at this moment.

Cheers to India !