Monday, September 27, 2010

Overall view on the Commonwealth Games - Delhi 2010

Amidst of all the negative media reports on the Delhi Commonwealth Games, one would almost forget what still is accomplished in a country where it's difficult to accomplish something, due to climate, culture or whatever.

Judge for yourself through this link.!/album.php?aid=2072464&id=1111507645&fbid=1563378840343

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The modelstate Belgium

or 'Belgium for dummies'

In this video, the organisation of the country Belgium is explained for whoever is willing to understand.

The main difference between the organisation of India and the organisation of Belgium is that India is complex in itself, but its organisation is a clear "laissez-faire, laissez-passer".
In Belgium the reality is simple, but the organisation makes it complex.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why India cannot loose the Commonwealth Games

Indians are so clever that you won't believe it. Typical in their thinking is the holistic approach to reality. The number of factors that an average Indian can include in his thinking, before actually deciding something, is not expressible with digits only. Several thousands of years the Subcontinent has been refining its approach to reality, adding each day factors and realities to the concepts of its worldview.

Don't be mistaken by the Gandhian ideology of peaceful resistance! Don't let the image of Om-chanting nice boys and girls influence your understanding of modern-day Indian competitiveness.

Because of their holistic approach of reality, competing with Indians is for people coming from lesser developed cultural parts of the world a hell of a task.

Take the Commonwealth Games...
We Westerners think it's about a sport competition, limited to a short period of two weeks in October 2010. We think that the competition is done by athletes dedicated to this task. And according to us, to organise such a big happening requires a series of actions in which one action causes a success or failure of the next action which is logically following the first.

What a simplification!
What a terrible underestimation of the Indian holistic competitive mind!
I've mentioned it before in one of the past blogs, in India they think: "White people work hard ... but they are soooo stupid! They just don't understand anything!"

In the Indian mindset, the competition for the Commonwealth Games started already from the moment they were assigned to Delhi, in 2003.
And by now, 22th of September 2010 and two weeks before the actual competition, the winner already is known!

For the readers coming from countries in the world with a lesser advanced understanding of human nature, I will explain this.

By first delaying all works related to the CWG and consequently distributing the news to the whole world about delays, corruption, unbudgeted costs, etc., India implemented a first climate of doubt in the hearts of all the competing countries. "Was it a wise decision to allot India these games? Are they able to properly organise such a big event?" were questions asked everywhere in member countries with a rather limited understanding of how a sports competition is to be undertaken.

Then, the more the Games date approached, the information coming out of India became more and more specific: "Only one third of all Games related works was on schedule" (spring 2010), "The CWG-song is not good" (August 2010), "The Games cost 3 billion dollars, compared to the 1 billion of Melbourne" (August 2010), etc.
Doubt in the hearts of athletes and sports representatives in the member countries with a lesser sophisticated view on sport tactics, changed slowly into disbelief.

A very strong attack on the morale of athletes was given by the Indian warning:
"Watch out for dengue!!!!! A lot of people died already!!!! You might as well be the next one!!! We doubt if we can fight this danger!!! We cannot protect you against it!".
The Indian competitors cleverly judged that especially western athletes, simple as they are in connecting competition in sport to health issues, are very sensitive to everything that is related to health. So the Indians expected that quite some athletes would give up on the Games. The Indians knew that their competitors would be confusing "getting an incurable disease" (which is a fate coming to us without our control - every Indian just knows this already in first grade!), with the "threads coming from highly spirited competition".

At this moment we are hardly two weeks before the Games should begin. What do you expect? The Indians now start showing the muscles of their holistic minds:

Three days back, the newly build Games Village was presented to the Chief Executive Mike Hooper, who was born and educated in a more philosophical backward Western country and thus never had the chance to develop a high sophisticated understanding of what is really going on in the world of competitive sports.
Of course whe cannot blame him for that. But he proofed to be no match for his Indian counterparts.

Before the said Chief Executive entered the Games Village, some carefully chosen Indians were ordered to go to the flats and to create some mess here and there. They were more specifically told to use the toilets without being too precise in targeting the pot. But of course not before the plumbery and sewage tubes were disconnected. This to maximise the effect of the sportive action.
The subtle suggestion was made as well to take along a few stray dogs which were relocated from locations far from Delhi, to add some momentum to the scene.

After inspecting the apartments, the Chief Executive told the whole world they were "filthy and inhabitable for human beings".

Can you imagine the demoralisation which occurs in simple-thinking and narrow-minded Westerners, who only have a limited and non-holistic knowledge of hygiene standards? When they realised that they would have to go to extremely dirty toilets during the games, the vaste majority cancelled their trip to the Spiritual Country! They all already heard earlier about Delhi-belly for sure!

In a strange reversal of the concept of outsourcing, some countries were even so disgusted that they ordered their athletes to chase away the dogs and clean up the mess themselves.
And which athletes were practising and training their sports without interruption during these cleaning efforts of the competing athletes? Indeed, the Indians!

Two days back a canopy erected at Nehru Stadium collapsed. How can I explain you the deep disturbing effect of this symbolic and highly competitive sportive action by the Indians? One needs to have a considerably deep insight in Hinduism to completely grasp this. I will give it a try:
The canopy itself was erected by the use of iron pillars. These pillars symbolise the male phallus. After a short erection and at the very moment everyone was thinking that they would stay firmly erected ... they came down! Can you really understand the very subtle symbolic meaning of this Indian attack on the Western limited mindset?

What a coincidence that in the previous weeks we did read in all Indian newspapers about the cohorts of sexy ladies of all skincolors available in the world (except Black) who were shipped from all corners of the country and even from across all Indian borders to Delhi NCR. To serve the athletes from abroad in all their carnal needs (and as we all know in the West: healthiness stimulates the carnal needs).
Many, many athletes REbooked their flight after reading these inviting and promising messages. Only one day after they cancelled their bookings in the previous phase of the Indian attack.
At that precise moment, the Indians let collapse the canopy ...

As if one cancellation was not good enough, the holistic-thinking Indian sport strategists forced these simple athletes to cancel their bookings for the second time within two weeks!

And all this was only realised by Indian Mind Power only. Without labour, without sweat, without even one Indian athlete being exhausted...

Yesterday a foot overbridge collapsed in the neighbourhood of Nehru Stadium. 27 labourers injured. The message to the athletes educated in traditional non-holistic physics? "In India we don't use the poor and rigid distinction between "above" and "below"". Just think for a while about what effect this destruction of the Western dichotomic pair "above-below" has on, for instance, the jumpers or the weightlifters.

Today the false ceiling at the Nehru Stadium preferred to follow the laws of gravity.

The Law of Gravity is for simple Western minds just what it is ... a physical law you can use to do all kinds of mathematical calculations and make predictions in physics. But in the hands of the Indian sportcoaches, duly educated in a holistic approach of reality, this law becomes a real weapon!

Tomorrow ...


Without any doubt, this Indian Master Plan of attacking the morale of athletes coming from societies which have only developed a very poor - should I say retarded? - understanding of reality, will be further executed in the next two weeks.

Then ... who will get the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and all the rewards, you think ?
Right ...