Monday, May 11, 2009

Through Indian eyes ...

At times one can become really lyrical in India ...
I could shoot these photographs in Periyar, Kerala.

For me it symbolized the main strengths of India on the personal level: strong familyties, not-discussed religious tradition and rituals, pride. All combined with a wonderful optimism and curiosity towards the future.
These strong pillars, in combination with the very lively democracy on the society level, which I witnessed during the last election fever, will make India one of the great nations in the globalised world.

In the everlasting competition with the other tiger in this area - China - some values (like democracy and openess of society) which may have not lead to the same massive and immediate success however will become crucial factors on medium long term.
Read U.S. Media See a Path to India in China's Snub.

India doesn't need to be looked at with foreign eyes.
It's rather the rest of the world that needs to be judged ...
with Indian eyes !