Thursday, April 9, 2009

The War between Religions ...

or ... Why Hinduism is a superior religion.

I am complaining already long time about the number of free days my directors installed in our company.

India is a Hindu-country, so of course the big Hindu-festivals are free days. No problem with that.
But essential to Hinduism is the great openess to other religions. One can find strange mixtures of Hinduism and Christianity or other religions. Hinduism is like a spunge, sucking all religious symbols and "gurus" from other religions.

Apart from Eid, the Muslim festival (= free day) and even God doesn't know what other divine reasons there are for having free days if you are a Hindu, I was very surprised to be informed that even tomorrow, 10th April, is a free day.

I asked: "Why ?"

The obvious answer was: "But Sir, it's Good Friday". Now, being a non-believing-Christian (whatever that may mean), I had forgotten myself about it. And because at the moment we suffer from heavy workload, I was not very amused with the free day that apparently goes with it.

So when we were making a planning for a specific job which we had to send to Belgium, I told an employee that Tuesday morning would be OK, because on Monday there would be a free day in Catholic Belgium.

The Hindu-guy enthusiastly asked ... "Why ?".

I did not even think about giving him a reason !!!!!