Thursday, March 12, 2009

They just don't like my white face !

Last Wednesday we were planning to shoot nice photographs from the Holi Festival. Holi is the Festival of Colours. On this day, people put coloured powder on eachothers face.
I refer to for more background information about this second most important Festival for Hindu people (the most important one is Diwali in October every year).

So we took our camera and went to the market place. Everyone we saw had a coloured face.

Unfortunately we had not taken into account the enthusiasm of Indians. The result?

I think they were surprised to see a white babu taking part in the festival. To our surprise we were invited to a family's home where we were offered Tchai (tea) and sweets. We met the whole family and had a really good time.

Thank you India, for a wonderful and colourful day !