Saturday, July 25, 2009

An much underestimated technique in business ...


I'm always surprised when I hear business people talking about 'their' business.
In most of the cases they never talk about what is in reality the most exercised and valuable technique in starting a business: Trial and Error.

Mostly they pretend that their whole business was organised and executed following a preliminary well-thought business-plan. While reality often is quite the opposite: business are not created and expanded by following strictly a predefined route. There's no GPS for businesses available!
Mostly I lack the contradictions, irony, emotions, humour, personal components, challenges, difficulties in the business-stories and the honesty of businesspeople in how they found solutions to these challenges.

Success is on the contrary rather an effect of the ability to make errors and learn from them. It is also dependent from the readiness to LEAVE the business plan for what it was and explore a new route.

I came across this blog which describes an startup publishing house in the US. It will be interesting to follow this adventure.
See Glitch du Jour.